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Our Company

Tauril Kft. has more than 80 years of experience in the manufacture of technical rubber products. The company has the intellectual and technical resources to meet today’s requirements, enabling customers to get the best solution with the products. 70% of its products are used by the automotive industry. It also has considerable experience in meeting the needs of other segments of industry. In-house rubber compound development and state-of-the-art rubber compound manufacturing ensure that the best raw materials are available for the production of moulded and extruded products.

Our story

The word Tauril is derived from the name of the rocking tire. The creativity of the engineers of the time was demonstrated by the fact that the carriage company patented the rubber coating of the wheels of the carriages, which allowed the Conflis to run silently at night. The patented name of this rubber-coated rocking chair wheel was Tauril. The predecessor of the company was the Dr. Dorogi Brothers and Tuschák Spring Resin and Plastic Goods Factory, founded in 1935, which was nationalised in March 1948. On 24 March 1950, the Budapest General Court registered the company under the name of the Technical Rubber Factory National Company. Its headquarters were located on Újhegyi út in Kőbánya, on the site of the liquidated Adolf Vigodni Leather Factory. Until the early 1960s, the company’s main products were bicycle tyres, shoe heels and soles, rubber footwear, rubber moulds, rubber balls and erasers.
From 1963, the National Rubber Company later became a factory unit of the Taurus Rubber Company. Since 1966, it has been operating under the name Tauril, producing technical rubber products for various industries. In 2000, Tauril’s Romanian plant in Satu Mare was built, also producing rubber mouldings.