Moulded products

The production of moulded rubber articles is carried out in Budapest in Hungary and in Satu Mare in Romania. These factories use the most modern rubber moulding machines to manufacture small and large series of products to high quality standards. The products are delivered to the customers after 100% automatic machine or manual quality control. The moulded products are characterised by the fact that the final shape of the products is given by the impressions made in a mould mounted in the rubber moulding machine during vulcanisation.
In addition to pure rubber parts, Tauril Kft. also manufactures metal-rubber and plastic-rubber parts (NR, SBR, EPDM, CR, NBR, HNBR, ECO, silicone, Wamac, Fluor), thus offering the possibility to further expand the versatility of rubber. The properties of the rubber components are determined by the formulation of the rubber compounds used for their production. When developing formulations, it is possible to use additives that allow the finished products to be oil, heat and ozone resistant. It is also possible to develop and manufacture rubber components with different hardnesses, thus increasing the versatility of the rubber.